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Adsense Revenue Sharing
Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites will make you their partner by adding your adsense publisher id to your profile on each site.  Signing up for an Adsense publishing id is easy. All you have to do is sign up at google's adsense site . Don't ever click your own adsense advertisements on any of the pages. 
   How  these adsense revenue sharing sites work varies. Some of these sites are social networking sites. You make money by taking part in discussions, adding blogs and friends. Just write content, make it really good and legible and you will make money in your adsense account. These sites are numerous and there are more popping up every single day. Some of these sites will share more than others  with you.  Choose as many or less as you want to use, the choice is up to you.
 Social Networks and Blogging Sites That Pay Adsense
 Flixya   easy  social networking site where you can share blogs, embed videos from youtube and other sites, and share photos earning a whopping 100% of adsense revenue.
tagfoot   get a free social bookmarking account, share adsense and share your links with friends. Earn 50% of Adsense Revenue
 Google Knol is a community based wiki style social networking site that givess 100% of it's users. 

Bloggerparty share blogs with other users and share 50% of adsense profits

 Xomba share links with others and share 50% of adsense's revenue on the site

Mytripledub   make money by sharing your articles with the community. Make money also by referring others 75% revenue shares

 infobarrel  make money by writing good information articles and earn adsense money


 qassia  make money by writing articles of information, pays 100%
Ocuuz  make 100% adsense revenue from sharing your articles for free