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Some sites will pay you to play games, share videos, write blogs and make friends. How does this work? You get paid by simply joining a site, adding your stuff to it and enjoying the profit that you make by simply adding your content which is any type of widgets, pictures, videos, profiles, and more. Some sites help you make great profiles and they don't cost anything to join. You don't have to wait for some major motion picture add to load while you are trying to enter the site. You just log on,  add your friends, blogs, and etc. Have fun by sharing your information. How do you get paid for doing this? Cost per action. Everytime someone sees your page, you get paid for that page view because of sites that have contexual advertisements, banners and etc.  If you like the site, and tell  your friends about it, you get paid for your friend joining the site and sometimes for their page views too! Then when they add their friends, they get paid as well. It's not pyramid scheming because you aren't paying anyone to get a piece of the pie, you just social network and enjoy it. It's a fun past time for anyone who like socializing!
For more information on how this works, refer to these two resources

 AssociatedContent  (pays through paypal for assignment and for estimated page views through paypal) everytime you hit search on google, you come across a great article from this site, but little did you know you could really write for them. They pay great! There is no real minimum payment for this site. If you are looking to talk about anything that you enjoy doing or something in the news or movies, this is the site to visit. If you follow others and give really good feedback to their articles you will really see some money. This site also asks for assignments! If you complete an assignment on an article you'll get paid anywhere from $1.00 to $4.75. It's an honest company that pays really well!

Ehow (payout is at $10) is a learning community where you can teach others how to do things through writing articles, you can make friends, contact them through the site and tell them about your articles. This site also shows up on the first few entries of google and you can really make money through your articles if they are well written. It's a social networking community where you can learn and earn!

 Bukisa  (payout is unknown through paypal based on article cpm)  This is an online community like associated content and ehow. You can write articles about anything you want and add friends. The content that you add is seen by your online circle and anyone whos interested in your article. You don't have to be a harvard scholar to write an article, just add your opinion like on a tv show. Pick a popular topic and go with the flow. It's fun and you can profit from it!


MyPage5($50 payout through paypal)  is a user-friendly website where social networking meets entertainment that includes 5 applications that allow you to make money through making content. They include 5  ways of making money through content. If you can write a blog that's  more than two sentences and isn't plagerism, classified ads, blog comments, messaging, classified ads, adding band comments, and more. They strongly fight against spam and other types of abuse, so if you want a profile, protect your identity and don't flame. 

Mylot ($10 payout  through paypal) is an online community that allows you to make discussion forums, each discussion thread you submit has to be a nicely written discussion. It's a great way to get your questions answered like wiki-answers or yahoo answers, but it's more like a forum community. You get paid 1 cent per thread and 1 cent per person who comments on your thread.

 Platinum Lounge  (Payout is based on points through paypal) You make discussions about celebs, movies, friends, jokes and more, you gain points and rank this is how you make money at platinum lounge. You have to be competitive which isn't hard. 

 Peoplefriends (paid monthly for activity through paypal payout) is a dating site based on points, high five friends, add blogs, pod casts and more! Regardless of dating, the site is really alot of fun. First you have to add a biography about yourself and add a video blog bout yourself, just say hi and that will be enough! This little site pays well. It's based on providing content to the site. 

Friendsforcash (pay is based on points through paypal) this community is a great site for adults, young adults and teens, there is alot to offer. A great idea for this site is to join and tell all your online friends. 

Rotatrixfriends (pay based on points, contexual advertising and more through paypal or rotatrixpay) this site I like because it's neat, you can add friends, comments, play games and more. They allow you to have two websites. One for your personal friendships and another for your online businesses and things. They have contexual ads that you can add to your blog, websites and more. Unlike adsense and others, you can actually click on your own ads. This is in beta now.  There are also things on the site that you can use for your own business. There are ad rotators, traffic generators and more! This is a great site to hang out on whether if you want pay or not! (pay at any amount through paypal) this is based on 50/50 adsense you don't have to add your adsense pub id to the site. You can add any content you want and have multiple blogs. It's  a wordpress type blog community in which you can also make your own communities within it. It's a very small site. I use ubuntu and it's really quick with linux. I didn't think this one paid to begin with, but it suprised me! I was happy to see my little bit of money for my blogging. If you don't want a blogger blog that hasn't been performing like it should, just import to this site and collect from (pays monthly through paypal)   this site is a wordpress blogging site too. You can write anything you want and get paid for it through paypal. If you have any kind of hobby or passion don't hold back on blogging it at today. Every blog is a blog, it's like having a blogger blog but only in a community. You can add your own stuff to it. It's not like some of the other sites. There is more freedom at Just write what you want!

Apsense (pays through performance through paypal)  It's a business community full of how-tos, you can add your own content, friends, and more! You can also promote any type of business you have. It's a great way to network with other like minded individuals. You might also find business partners. Apsense is a fairly decent sites. I have to say there is a lot of stuff in this community. It also pays by content too!

Zenzuu (pays by referrals through paypal) its a great way to have fun. It reminds me a little of apsense without the content paying. You can develop a downline with little effort or pushing. I have two by just joining. It's an mlm social network. I'm not too keen on them, but zenzuu is a good hangout if you are tired of pages that won't load.


Adlandpro  (pays through paypal by being an affiliate)   This little site is a great way to put your affiliate links, submit your sites, make friends, small talk and more! They provide training for web marketing and other things. It's a little tricky, but you can add your classified ads and blog your own goodies. It's a great waste of time!

Yuwie  (pays through paypal)   Yuwie is alot like myspace, it pays through paypal. You can customize your profile. add friends, make clubs and join them. Yuwie isn't o ne of my favorites for money making. It works on a mlm. Referrals are made at $1.00  and you get paid through rsr which is user views. Anytime someone views any of your pages (ie videos, blogs, clubs, and more) you make money.  If you just want to waste time having fun. Yuwie is fine. If you want to make money make sure you refer a few people.

 Weblo (pays through paypal through content performance)   Weblo is a game that you can make real money at. If you like monopoly and love the internet, you'll love weblo. I haven't spent too much time as you can see on my profile, but it's really addictive and competitive once you get into it. You have to create "assets" It can be myspace profiles, facebook profiles, meez, and more. You can also contribute a page to a celebrity, create venues (a real life place) the focus is on attracting traffic which requires a few "seo" or marketing skills. If you like to be competitive, have fun and not spend 4 hours  on a monopoly board, play weblo and take your time!

TheBiggestLaunches New website that pays per view and referrals  this is a new website that pays you to refer, and many other things. I just signed up for it and i will give you later details in the site's blog. It's a great way to add more to you network. It just launched April 16! New!

 Peoplestring  New site that has stocks on NYSE Peoplestring allows people to chat, send and recieve email, print coupons and more just by using the site, you make money and you'll recieve 1.50 for doing a ten step survey. New!

 Frenszone   great for teens and young at heart!   Frenszone gives you points for actions which add up to money into your paypal account. This site reminds me of myyearbook, but not quite as annoying as that one. This is a great site to make friends and have a good time with your buddies! New!

 Ezihippo   this site rocks, you dont have to do anything but add your thoughts, friends, music and videos and maek at least a few dollars a month for your games! For Adults and Teens! New!





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